Queen'scroft High School

LA home to school transport

Transport for students is arranged directly between the Local Authority and the parent/carer. 

For more information about how to apply and eligibility please click the link below to the appropriate Local Authority:




Parents/carers are responsible for seeing their child on to the coach, minibus or taxi provided and for meeting them from it. 

 Parents are responsible for liaising with their child’s transport provider in the event of absence or other changes to drop off or collection. Parents should then advise school by emailing office@queenscroft.staffs.sch.uk or calling 01543 227245.

Each vehicle will have an appointed Escort who will remain on the vehicle to look after those pupils who have not yet been collected. 

From Year 12 (P16) pupils are encouraged to travel to school independently and when parents and school feel they are ready, they are able to apply for bus passes by the local authority. Parents/carers who feel their child will still require LA transport will have to re-apply through the appropriate council.

The school has a minibus and all staff who drive it have passed the Staffordshire County Council Driving Test for minibus drivers.