Queen'scroft High School

Exam arrangements

During a young person’s time here at Queen’s Croft, they may be entered for various formal qualifications or awards to support their journey in to adulthood.

There are many different levels and types of qualification that we are able access to ensure the young person has the most appropriate outcome from their education and journey onwards.

These qualifications/awards take place at different times of the year, with GCSE exams always taking place in the summer term.

Students (Candidates) will receive a statement of entry that will show the subjects and level of qualification/award they have been entered for.

Lead Examinations staff:

  • Access Arrangements for Exams: Emma Staples (SENDCo)
  • Exam Officer:  Alison Hunt (Office Manager)
  • Head of Exams Centre: Sam Wood (Co-Headteacher)


Link to Policies

Candidate Handbook



The exam boards have now published their summer 2024 exam timetables. Students will be issued with a personal exam schedule in around February / March, which should be used as their final timetable.

GCSE: Thursday 9 May to Wednesday 19 June

The afternoons of Thursday 6 and Thursday 13 June 2024 and all day on Wednesday 26 June 2024 have been designated as contingency days. Students must ensure they remain available until Wednesday 26 June in case an exam has to be rescheduled. This would only happen in the event of a national emergency or event leading to exams having to be cancelled country wide.


Date Awarding Body Subject Paper Time AM/PM Length of Exam 
10.05.2024 AQA Biology 8461F Paper 1 09:15 AM 1hr 45mins 
23.05.2024 AQA English Language 8700 Paper 1 09:15 AM 1hr 45mins 
06.06.2024 AQA English Language 8700 Paper 2 09:15 AM 1hr 45mins 
07.06.2024 AQA Biology 8461F Paper 2 13:00 PM 1hr 45mins 
Pearson Functional Skills English 19.04.2024
  Maths 17.04.2024


Dealing with exam stress

It is normal to feel a bit worried about exams, especially if you’re under pressure from school or family.

Exam stress can cause you to feel anxious or depressed, and this might affect your sleeping or eating habits.


watch for signs of stress

Children and young people who are stressed may:

  • worry a lot
  • feel tense
  • have headaches and stomach pains
  • not sleep well
  • be irritable
  • lose interest in food or eat more than normal
  • not enjoy activities they previously enjoyed
  • be negative and have a low mood
  • feel hopeless about the future

If you are feeling this way, please speak to your parents/carers, your class teachers or any other trusted adults. you may also find the links below useful: