Queen'scroft High School

Headteacher's Welcome (vision, values & ethos)

Welcome from OUR Headteacher- Clive Lawrence OBE

It gives me   E  A  T  pleasure to warmly welcome you to Queen's Croft High School. I officially took up post on 4th January 2023 and I am excited about the school’s future as we embark on a mission to E  A  T  ness!  


Students, parents/carers, staff and the wider community are very welcome to call me Mr. Lawrence or Clive - I have no preference. What’s most important is that we build professionally strong, open, and mutually respectful relationships, which is in the best educational interests of the students who attend our school.


I am unapologetic in my relentless drive to ensure that we are aspirational for our students and that they receive a T   education. Students at Queen's Croft get just one chance at their education, and therefore it is my duty as Headteacher to ensure that we get this right, to enable them to go on to live happy, healthy, and independent lives.


Queen’s Croft High School is an inclusive special school for students with a range of additional needs, mainly moderate and severe learning difficulties and/or disabilities.  We are one of the largest special schools in the region and are sited in Lichfield, although we admit pupils from surrounding Local Authorities such as Birmingham and Walsall. All students who attend Queen's Croft have an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP).


We are proud to be part of the Greywood Multi-Schools Academy Trust (GMST), which is a small trust of three schools based in Lichfield. Queen's Croft is the only special school within the trust. We are part of a family of two other schools; one mainstream primary school and one mainstream secondary school. 



  learning is inspired by  T  teaching, and  teaching is inspired by  leadership. Our school motto is:


'Inspiring ness!'

 At Queen’s Croft it’s all about being T  and inspiring T  ness! These principles stand for:



We are driven by our students’ future GOALS and aspirations, as outlined within their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This supports and shapes our curriculum GOALS and overarching school improvement GOALS.



We are committed to ensuring that our students are READY for their next stages of education, training and/or employment. This is underpinned through our approach in ensuring that students are READY to learn and READY to read.



 We offer an ambitious EDUCATION and adapt the National Curriculum to best meet students' SEND. Our EDUCATION offer is aligned to students’ cognitive stages of learning, as opposed to their chronological age. We have designed EDUCATION pathways (from 11-19 years), which offer a broad and balanced academic and/or vocational curriculum.



We value the smaller ACHIEVEMENTS of our students just as much as the bigger achievements. Whilst accredited qualifications play an important part of our students’ ACHIEVEMENTS when they leave us, we equally value the broader and more holistic ACHIEVEMENTS of our students too. For some, attending school each day, engaging with peers during social times, getting dressed independently, or remaining on task for short periods of time, are huge ACHIEVEMENTS for some of our students. 


 Our curriculum extends beyond the academic and/or vocational offer and takes into consideration students' TALENTS and interests. Student voice and our school’s local context helps leaders to shape and design our TALENT and enrichment curriculum. In preparing students for life in Modern Britain, our TALENT and enrichment curriculum, including assemblies, supports students to be respectful, to become responsible and active citizens, and develop their character to give them the qualities they need to flourish in society.

Our school website is just a snapshot of what we offer and do here at Queen's Croft. I strongly encourage you to come in and visit us to learn more about who we are and what we are about!


Clive Lawrence OBE

Proud Headteacher of Queen’s Croft High School

National Leader of Education (NLE)