Queen'scroft High School

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Clive Lawrence - Headteacher

Clive Lawrence OBE Headteacher 

It gives me T  pleasure to warmly welcome you to Queens Croft High School. I officially took up post on 4th January 2023 and I am excited about the school’s future as we embark on a mission to ness!  

Students, parents/carers, staff and the wider community are very welcome to call me Mr. Lawrence or Clive - I have no preference. What’s most important is that we build professionally strong, open, and mutually respectful relationships, which is in the best educational interests of the students who attend our school.

I am unapologetic in my relentless drive to ensure that we are aspirational for our students and that they receive a T   education.

what Our Students Say:

  • Year 9

    "Queen's Croft is GREAT because the amount of opportunities that everyone has compared to mainstream schools is incredible; like talent shows, school trips and sport competitions"

  • Year 9

    "Queen's Croft is GREAT because I get lots of opportunities to play sports. I enjoy Lunchtime clubs and Friday's talent day"

  • Year 7

    "Queen's Croft is GREAT because it's fun and I enjoy the lessons"

  • Year 7

    "Queen's Croft is GREAT because we do lots of fun things here like bike riding and cooking. I have also represented the school in sports."