Queen'scroft High School


at our last ofsted inspection (april 2018) we were a graded good school  2018.

Ofsted said:

  • School leaders are unswerving in their commitment to making sure that the school secures successful outcomes for all its pupils.
  • Pupils make good progress, often from very low starting points when they enter school. They achieve good results in a range of subjects. They are very well prepared for their next steps in education, employment or training.
  • Pupils are well behaved. They display excellent manners and show consideration for others. They are proud of what they have achieved at the school. They grow by being part of a caring community.
  • The curriculum is appropriate and interesting. Pupils and students receive high-quality support, advice and guidance. They are presented with choices and options at different stages of their time in school.
  • The support for pupils with complex needs has been developed sensitively and creatively to promote a sensory curriculum appropriate to their needs.


See below to read the full report from April 2018:

april 20218 queens croft ofsted report.pdf