Queen'scroft High School


at our last ofsted inspection (February 2024) we continue to be graded a good school.

Ofsted said:

  • This is a rapidly improving school. Staff are caring and compassionate. Prior to joining
    Queens Croft, many pupils have not had a positive experience of school. Leaders
    understand this and are committed to changing this situation for pupils. Increasingly, and
    over time, pupils develop into confident and resilient young people, who are suitably
    prepared for life after school.

  • Recently, leaders have begun to pay closer attention to pupils individual needs and build
    a coherent picture of the help and support pupils need to be successful. Staff use this
    knowledge to good effect to meet pupils academic and therapeutic needs.


  • Pupils behave well in lessons. Most clearly embody the school values of kindness,
    engagement, resilience and courage. They build strong relationships with staff and with
    their peers . A comment from one pupil echoes the views of many "I make good friends
    here". Leaders have worked hard to nurture these bonds since their appointment. Pupils
    feel safe here and most attend often.

  • Pupils are well behaved. They display excellent manners and show consideration for others. They are proud of what they have achieved at the school. They grow by being part of a caring community.


  • Leaders are developing an ambitious curriculum. Pupils take part in a wide range of
    activities such as community Makaton performances and enterprise activities. These
    opportunities help pupils to develop their communication and language skills, while also
    pushing the boundaries of pupils comfort zones in a safe and supportive way .


See below to read the full report from February 2024 or click here



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