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Queen's Croft is part of the primitas learning partnership

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Welcome to Primitas Learning Partnership, a growing Multi-Academy Trust based in the district of Burntwood & Lichfield, South Staffordshire.

Primitas opened in September 2021 as a truly collaborative educational venture, with a clear mission: “Empowering and enabling schools to work together to provide the kind of education that every child needs and deserves.”

There are currently seven academies in the Trust, who genuinely enjoy working together, learning from each other’s successes and utilising each other’s expertise in order to benefit our young people, our staff and the local community.

As a Multi-Academy Trust, we are acutely aware that “bigger is better” when it comes to delivering financial and business efficiencies. However, we are equally aware that “smaller is better” when it comes to our core purpose of delivering educational improvement through positive and meaningful collaboration. Therefore, as we continue to grow, we are determined to remain a close knit family of schools, where:

  • No single academy feels inferior, insignificant or ignored.
  • Every single academy feels well-known, well-supported and valued.

You can find out more about what we aim to achieve and how we aim to achieve it by reading about our Vision, Values and The Primitas Offer.