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greywood multi-schools trust

The Greywood Multi-Schools Trust was formed through 2018-2019 and was formally established in September 2019.

The formation of the Trust was led by Henry Chadwick Primary School (Hill Ridware), Queen’s Croft High School (Lichfield) and The Friary School (Lichfield). The three schools were excited to take up the benefits of academisation and looked forward to working together to enhance their already strong, individual provision. However, they also wanted to retain the ethos and identity that made the schools special, not being afraid to change and develop as a group, but avoiding unnecessary corporate change and ‘one-size-fits-all’ systems.

This vision was reflected in the name and emblem of our Trust. The schools are all in the Lichfield locale and the city’s name is known to have originated from a Romano-British village which was located two miles south of the current city, near to Wall. The village was called Letocetum, a commonplace name of the time meaning ‘greywood’, which was linked to the grey varieties of trees – including ash and elms – which were so prevalent across the local landscape.

Consequently, the ‘greywood’ emblem of the Trust includes the central trunk which acts at the grounded pillar of the Multi-Schools Trust organisation. Meanwhile, the individual branches represent the schools which retain the central connection but are at liberty to stretch and sprout in directions of their own volition, reaching for the sun of their own provision.

Likewise, the Trust is highly inclusive and seeks to ensure that all of our students from 2-25 bed in firm roots which establish the secure foundations that enable them grow their own branches as they flourish in adult life.

Working together, more on stage than age, the schools’ value that their own specific curriculums and provisions, but wholly appreciate that their leadership has only been strengthened by the pooling of skills, expertise, approaches and resources. Our first two years or so have proved the initial ambitions were right and proper for our schools and each setting remains proud to be a member of our Trust.


To find out more about GMST please visit the trusts website:

Greywood – Multi-Schools Trust (greywoodmst.co.uk)