School Trips

School Trips


Friday 17th May 2019

Returning home at the end of an amazing week full of adventure, laughter and a genuine sense of camaraderie.. What a group of young people you are. Every pupil has achieved in their own way whether it be overcoming a fear, staying away from home, helping someone else in need of support or making new friendships.

The centre staff were so complimentary about you all.

Make sure you share your experiences with family and friends.

Remember there’s a whole world of experiences to explore and enjoy out there.

Mr Hough

Wednesday 15th May 2019

A fantastic day yesterday full of achievements, first time experiences and smiling faces. There is an increasing team spirit developing amongst the group. If anyone is struggling with any aspect of the day there is invariably someone there to support or encourage them.

Activities including: climbing, low ropes, caving and bridge building all skilfully led by the centre staff have tested everybody. Today we are travelling to Alderley Edge to hike and explore an old mine on the outskirts of Manchester.

I must commend, our staff team, without whose commitment and professionalism such experiences would not happen.

Mr R Hough

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Everyone is up and about this morning and we are looking forward to another day of dawn till dusk sunshine. Activities such as climbing, archery and low ropes should keep us all busy.

Monday 13th May 2019

The Year 9 residential trip arrived safely at Standon Bowers and all is well.






Thursday 4th April 2019

The Year 7 residential trip arrived safely at Beaudesert and all is well, albeit wet and cold.






Wednesday 6th March 2019

The Complex Needs Residential Trip have arrived safely at Lea Green and all is well.






Tuesday 5th March 2019

The Year 8 visit to Lea Green Outdoor Centre is proving to be a great success. So far everyone has taken part in bed making, campfire cooking, waiting on, stream walking, bouldering and climbing. Lots of pupils challenging themselves or trying things for the first time. After the physical exertion, the excellent food is much appreciated.

Monday 4th March 2019

The Year 8 residential trip arrived safely at Lea Green and all is well.





The Year 9 and Year 10 residential trips have arrived safely at their destinations and all is well.  Please watch this space for further updates throughout the week

Thursday 16th May 2018

Year 9 Standon Bowers Residential (pm update)

Today was the last full day at Standon Bowers and what a day it was. The activities included bridge building, where in small groups the pupils had to use planks of wood to get themselves over a shallow pool of water. I won’t lie, we had some wet pupils after suspect bridge construction. This afternoon, the pupils excelled on the high rope course, where most took on the power fan which consists of the pupils freefalling from a height attached to a harness. This evening we will be sitting around the camp fire having a sing song and maybe some suspect dancing from the staff.

Year 9 Standon Bowers Residential (am update)

The students took an hour’s drive off site to Alderley Edge to explore one of the prehistoric mining sites in Britain. It is the oldest known metal-mining site in England where activity began as early as 1900 BC. Some of the pupils were a little apprehensive about the trip but as soon as they entered the chamber the excitement was evident. Fun was had by all and by the end of the tour the pupils did not want to leave.

Year 10 Hathersage Residential

Heading home via Markeaton Park. The staff at the Youth Hostel complimented the entire group on their politeness and described us as a breath of fresh air. The canoeing was testing, due to the winds and choppy water. All 24 of the group, staff included, completed an exploration of the disused Matlock lead mine, which was some achievement.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Year 9 Standon Bowers Residential

Day 2 at Standon Bowers and what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining and fun was had by all.  Today the pupils tested themselves physically and mentality.  To begin with the groups took on the low ropes and the climbing wall.  To see the pupils achieving things they didn’t think possible was quite something.  In the afternoon, the pupils worked brilliantly in their teams to reach the skies,  crate stacking and climbing into the man made caves of Standon Bowers. Well done to all of the pupils for their achievements today.

Year 10 Hathersage Residential

Our adventures finally ended at 9.40 p.m. when we returned to the minibus from our evening walk on Stanage Edge last night.  All of the party, staff included, have overcome individual challenges.  Today we have another full itinerary of caving, canoeing and bowling. Some tired faces this morning but otherwise fine.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Year 9 Standon Bowers Residential

All the students arrived at the centre safe and sound. Some were nervous and some were excited.  Once the students had settled into their dormitories, the nerves seemed to disappear and everyone was excited to see what the first activities would be.  Once the pupils had been split into their teams for the week, some went to work as a team to take on the blindfolded trial and some took on the ground maps of the centre.  Every pupil worked together to ensure each member of their team tried their hardest.  Once the activities were over, the group had their tea and prepared themselves for the night walk across different terrains around the local area.  When we returned the pupils prepared for bed and, luckily for the staff, everyone seemed to have a good nights sleep.

Year 10 Hathersage Residential

Greetings from sunny Hathersage. All the pupils swam in the open air pool, socialised at the park and finally slept soundly. Today everyone is facing challenges; climbing and weaseling in the Burbage valley. The whole party are fit and well.

Aberdovey September 2017
Thursday 28 September 2017

Day 4 in the outward bound house. We have just witnessed our first display of aggression (both were very tired) otherwise the conduct of the boys has been exemplary. We have learnt a lot about the boys over the last 36 hours. Kayaking down the River Dovey in torrential rain, sleeping in a mountain lodge without water, electricity or sanitation would test most people. Everybody has excelled in at least one aspect of the week whether it be trying something new, pushing oneself, or helping out ones peers. This has not been for the faint hearted, after trudging for almost 5 hours carrying full packs at altitudes in excess of 2000ft the showers back here were probably the best ever. One of the highlights was the conversation around the dining table last night, which ranged from music to films and included a considerable amount of banter. The group felt relaxed in each other’s company and enjoyed sharing anecdotes and opinions. Priceless! Mr Hough and Mr Huckfield



Tuesday 26 September 2017  Mr Hough and Mr Huckfield.




Monday 25 September 2017

As we approached the coast shards of sunlight pierced the impenetrable grey clouds. Since when the sun has shone. All the boys with the exception of one partook in full body emersion in the murky waters of the estuary. Our group leader Will (of the lilting Irish brogue) has the measure of our party with just the right balance of encouragement, challenge and cajoling. The lamb tajin brought back memories of Steve (ex-chef’s) culinary skills, well balanced spicing and fluffy vegetable cous cous. Mr Huckfield and I are observing the boys flourishing before our eyes.  Mr Hough.




Ski Trip 4th to 12th March 2017
Monday 6th March

After a tiring but safe journey to Italy, pupils took to the slopes for the first time today. Pupils experienced heavy snow, strong winds and poor visibility at times throughout the day, despite this we saw some great progress, excellent skiing and comical crashes! The forecast for the rest of the week is very good and were all looking forward to some sunshine after today! Tonight pupils, staff and parents are all going for a pizza evening, but will last years record of 22 slices of pizza consumed by a single pupil be broken?

Tuesday 7th March

The sun has arrived in Pila! Today pupils have enjoyed skiing in better weather and have started to make great progress. In particular our beginner group on the nursery slope have started to get the hang of turning in skis and are starting to enjoy themselves. Tonights après ski activity is bowling, last year Mr Capewell was the champion (obviously)! Who will win tonight?

Thursday 9th March

Pupils have continued to make fantastic progress today in the sunshine of Pila. Our top groups have been flying around the mountain, skiing some really challenging red runs. Today our pupils have had a great time at a disco, dancing the night away and socialising with pupils from other schools.

Friday 10th March

There isn’t a cloud in the sky as our pupils continue to fly around the mountain! Today we have been skiing in glorious sunshine providing pupils with spectacular views of the Alps. Our beginner group has moved further up the mountain and our advanced skiers have been tackling some black runs for the first time. Tonight our pupils have their presentation evening where Mr Capewell will firstly be talking about each pupils progress and giving them a little memento of their trip. After this all of our ski instructors will be coming to speak to us and give each pupil a certificate and badge with their ski levels on after being assessed today. Tomorrow we are skiing again before setting off back home and hopefully arriving back at Queen’s Croft for 1pm on Sunday. See you then!

Year 8 Residential March 2017 – Lea Green Outdoor Education Centre, Matlock
At Queen’s Croft we are developing a programme of residential visits which are designed to enhance the education of the pupils. Such experiences are an invaluable way of developing independence and allowing young people to excel in a different environment. Lea Green has been selected because of its excellent reputation and the fact that it offers the opportunity to explore a different environment.

Our Year 8 pupils residential is a two night residential at Lea Green Outdoor Education Centre near Matlock in Derbyshire, between Monday March 6th to Wednesday March 8th. There is a programme of activities led by the centre staff during the three days.

Year 8 Residential update Tuesday 7 March 2017

Everyone is having a wonderful time challenging themselves, and are a credit to Queen’s Croft.

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