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School Council

Queen’s Croft Councillors are elected by their peers. Each academic year every form group, except those with the most complex needs, elects a member of School Council to represent the views of the form about school matters and wider issues.

We meet at least once a month, to discuss topics relevant to school development, and students are encouraged to share views and raise questions from their peer group. We discuss challenges and look for solutions. School Council offers the opportunity to discover the ideas, thoughts and opinions of our learners, and to give them a voice. New developments can be shared and discussed with School Council and cascaded to the wider school. We are respectful of everyone’s views and contributions. A small budget is available for School Council initiatives.

School Councillors also represent our school on a number different occasions, from interviewing prospective members of staff, meeting with governors, opening new facilities with guests of honour, to showing visitors around our school. They are active ambassadors of Queen’s Croft.

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