At Queen’s Croft we recognise that the operating environment within the school affects the quality and degree of students’ learning and potential outcomes. Our teachers and TAs are highly trained to work with young people with a range of complex needs and are committed to empowering and enriching their lives, giving them every opportunity to make progress towards fulfilment and independence. This means that every learner has their own curriculum built specifically for them based on their skills and desired outcomes. It is broad, in that it covers all aspects of their development, and it is balanced in that it weighs up, specifically for them, the input that is needed.

Our teachers use a variety of different teaching methods (e.g. direct instruction, problem-based learning, cooperative learning, experiential learning, small group and whole class discussions) and make adjustments for different learning styles (e.g. visual, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary) providing opportunities for all students to learn effectively.

Maintaining and communicating high expectations for all students is a critical feature of classrooms that support effective learning. As a school we recognise that all students need challenging subject matter to remain engaged in learning. Using formative and summative assessments in a systematic manner provides valuable information to students and significantly improves learning and achievement. Teachers set objectives and provide regular feedback (including praise) on student progress.

At Queen’s Croft, creating an atmosphere in which diversity is respected and individual differences are appreciated contributes to student success and resilience. Treating social and emotional learning as a valuable and teachable subject contributes to a positive classroom context and supports academic learning. Fostering positive relationships within the classroom contributes to substantial improvements in student outcomes. Not only do we help each child fulfil their true potential while they are here, but we also take great care in preparing them for life beyond Queen’s Croft and help them and their families to find the best educational placements or employment, when they leave us, so they may lead as full and independent lives as possible.

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