School Vision

Celebrating Individual Success

We strive to be a Community of Excellence developing students’ educational, emotional, social and communication skills that supports their lifelong inclusion in a changing society.


  • Create a safe and secure environment in which students are happy and supported, where they want to creatively explore their individual interests and are able to share their interests with others
  • Provide students with the highest possible standard of education that appropriately challenges, nurtures and supports their development
  • Provide rich and accessible activities beyond the classroom, including outdoor education, sporting opportunities, residential visits and overseas trips
  • Ensure all members of the school community have their contributions recognised and are fairly rewarded.
  • Show a genuine commitment to developing the skills and specialisms of all staff, governors and partners.

Our Values:

  • CARE: members of the Queen’s Croft community demonstrate kindness in their actions and interactions
  • INCLUSION: members of the Queen’s Croft community are valued and activities are designed to be as inclusive as possible
  • RESPECT: we are a community built on demonstrating the utmost respect of others and an acceptance individually and collectively for the school environment
  • COMMUNITY: we develop substantial links that are at the heart of the local community that are beneficial to the school, all school community members and those in wider society
  • LEARNING: we offer the very best learning and teaching opportunities so that all our students excel in their own way
  • EXCELLENCE: we believe all students should receive the highest quality teaching, learning and enrichment, which provides them with the best chance of success throughout life

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