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Information about Queen’s Croft High School Governors

The Governors at Queen’s Croft High School are the strategic decision makers and vision setters.  The local Governing Body reports to the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust of which Queen’s Croft High School is a founder member.  Governors play a vital role in ensuring the best possible education for every child by creating robust accountability for school leaders. Crucially, this means using and being familiar with objective data on the performance of pupils, teachers and finances to ask the right questions and ensure resources are allocated to school priorities. It also means ensuring that schools prepare pupils for life and the workplace by building their character and resilience and by implementing their Prevent duty to protect them from the risks of extremism and radicalisation.


The Governing Body plays a key role in driving school improvement as part of our Multi-Schools Trust.  Our school is fully integrated with the local community and, crucially, connected with and learning from other local schools.  The Governing Body at Queen’s Croft High School tackles underperformance, challenging mediocrity, and set the highest of expectations.

Governors Meeting Dates 2020-21





Thursday 24th September 2020  
Thursday 26th November 2020
Thursday 28th January 2021
Thursday 25th March 2021
Thursday 27th May 2021
Thursday 15th July 2021


Nominated and Link Governors

The Nominated and Link Governors can be viewed via the following link:

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